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Connecticut Conservator Services, LLC


What We Do

Connecticut Conservator Services, LLC provides professional conservator services to individuals who are incapable of caring for their personal needs and unable to manage their financial affairs.

Why We Do It

An aging population, increased individual longevity and changes in the traditional family structure have resulted in a growing need for professional conservators within the State of Connecticut.  Additionally, recent changes in Connecticut law have dramatically altered the way conservators are appointed and the way their duties are assigned.  Connecticut Conservator Services, LLC provides probate court judges with a reliable option when appointing a conservator of the estate or a conservator of the person.

Why We Do It Best

Connecticut law now requires probate judges to custom tailor the duties assigned to each conservator to meet the individual needs of the conserved person.  As a result, modern conservators must possess a broad range of talents to serve effectively. Connecticut Conservator Services, LLC draws on its extensive experience in elder law and advocacy, medicaid planning and probate accounting to meet the needs of its clients and the expectations of the appointing probate judge.


Connecticut Conservator Services, LLC is Connecticut limited liability company wholly owned by J. Christopher Kervick, an attorney engaged in the private practice of law within the State of Connecticut using the firm name "Law Office of J. Christopher Kervick."  All services provided by Connecticut Conservator Services, LLC are performed under the direct supervision and control of J. Christopher Kervick and are an extension of his law practice.

J. Christopher Kervick is responsible for the content of this website.

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